Rhonda Tyus, MFT Trainee

My name is Rhonda Tyus, and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist intern here at Ascension Counseling & Therapy Services. As a mother and wife, I can appreciate firsthand both the importance and the challenges of building strong relationships while balancing life’s demands. I work with couples, children, and individuals in all of their uniqueness. I am a graduate student in the Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy program at Capella University and a member of two honors societies for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Are you looking for great results and step-by-step solutions for complex problems? Do you need someone who understands complex relationship dynamics? My goal is to help you realize your fullest potential by giving you the tools and techniques that enable will enable you and your relationships to thrive and grow emotionally. We will work together to devise an approach that allows you to tackle the many issues life presents with confidence and wisdom. No matter how complex or traumatic what you are facing may be, we will devise a strategy to help you work through it so you can be your most authentic self and live your best life.

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