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  • Ms. Dominique Cox, MFT-T

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    Ms. Dominique Cox, MFT-T

    My ideal client is someone that is ready to make a change. They have an understanding that they have to make the necessary adjustments in their life to reach their desired goals. This client is ready to work hard for what it is they want. This client is tired of dealing with the same situations and wants better for themself. The client wants to start their journey towards true happiness physically, emotionally, and spiritually. One thing I enjoy is working with a client to help them reach their full potential and live the life they’ve always imagined for themselves. The environment I provide for clients is a space for them to be themselves, judgment free, and safe so they can freely discuss their personal thoughts and feelings.

    I focus on helping people cope with anxiety, anger, depression, and trauma. I enjoy working with adults along with adolescents. I work with clients to help them process any trauma they’ve experienced, and develop healthy relationships with others. I prioritize helping clients rebuild their confidence, self-esteem, and equipping clients with healthy coping strategies. This is done through utilizing many therapeutic techniques along with therapy talk. My hope is to help individuals work on their inner selves so they can thrive!