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  • Kay Metzler, LPCC, MFT, School Counselor

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    Tired of living up to others’ expectations for you, your marriage, your kids, or your parents? Do you want someone who “has your back” and truly gets “YOU” and your daily struggles, complaints and needs? Are you a parent needing guidance at home or school with your child to decrease # of school calls? Are you suffering from Covid, blood clots, or other medical illness stress? I will be your “Bluetooth” in your ear until you naturally know what to do with to do. What I AM: Empathetic, Real, Fun, Challenging, lead you to increased insight, Empowering so you can solve your stressors and finally, authentically caring.

    Hundreds of women and couples report much success in my past fertility education role trying to conceive, to recover after child loss or childbirth trauma. This translated easily into postpartum depression training & marriage preparation. I have also spent countless hours with parents to improve relationships & troubleshooting major behavioral concerns.

    Do you want someone who is REAL, says it like it is but can give you space to grow as you’re learning new coping skills, ways to solve your concerns, etc.? Do you need someone to help you take a step back to see the patterns within your family as you are empowered to learn how to solve them yourself the next time? NOTE: I do not treat substance use.