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  • Melissa Bagnato, LPCC, LIMFT

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    I know life can be difficult at times. I want to help you find a sense of peace and well being. I enjoy treating couples/families that are dealing with conflict and/or trust and communication issues. I also assist women that are experiencing emotional/self esteem issues and/or have experienced past trauma. I use a combination of emotional support, understanding, and empathy to assist with inner turmoil and relationship repairs. I hope to assist clients with finding a healthy balance between self-care/love and relationship health.

    I use my training in Marriage and Family therapy to help couples/families increase their relationship satisfaction and their emotional well being. I utilize each person’s strengths to assist with personal discovery/relational connections. I help you gain an understanding of your family of origin patterns so you can better address your current struggles.

    I have experience working with a variety of clients and appreciate the diversity that this brings to my craft. I am willing to incorporate principals that may be important and unique to you. I encourage my clients to work with me as partners to bring about meaningful change. Contact me at (330) 366-8429 to schedule an appointment.