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  • Melissa Sharper, LMFT

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    Melissa Sharper is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist with a Person Centered Approach serving individuals, couples, families, children, teens and adults. Melissa is dedicated to serving her clients with a genuine compassion and sincerity. She aids individuals in the identification of unhealthy generational patterns and helps to equip them with tools to build a stronger family system. Melissa offers Couples therapy to foster healthy communication skills as well as present unique interventions and techniques that accentuate a deeper level of emotional intimacy. Melissa also holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in education and treats children, teens, and adults with ADHD; equipping them with coping skills and interventions which enhances their self esteem. Ms. Sharper is committed to the healthy growth and development of her clients and desires to support them through empathy, optimism, and self empowerment. Her deepest hope is that through therapeutic inquiry, as well as the therapeutic alliance, an individual will evolve one conversation at a time.