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Welcome! If you are seeking freedom in love and relationships or help as you experience breakthroughs in your mental health journey, you have come to the right place. 

Why Consider Couples Therapy or Individual Counseling with a Trauma-Focused Approach?

Navigating relationships and life itself can present complex challenges, often exacerbated by past traumatic experiences such as relational or racial trauma. These events can significantly influence how individuals engage in their relationships and overall life. Individual counseling tailored to trauma, employing methods like EMDR Therapy with a relational focus, can help individuals process and diminish the impact of such experiences, enabling them to adopt healthier behaviors.Unchecked, these unresolved issues can strain relationships and contribute to mental health struggles. Couples therapy provides a supportive, unbiased environment where both partners can openly express themselves, gain insights, and collaboratively work towards nurturing a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.Our Experienced TherapistsIn our practice, we have a team of dedicated relationship therapists specializing in trauma-informed care. They are proficient in various therapeutic modalities, including family systems, Emotionally Focused Therapy, EMDR Therapy, and the Gottman Method.

Our Expert Therapists 

Our therapists utilize a range of formats, from couples, individual to group therapy, to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. Committed to facilitating lasting change, our therapists help clients uncover and address the underlying causes of their individual and relational challenges. They facilitate open communication, tackle individual concerns such as trauma, depression, and anxiety that may affect relationship dynamics, and guide clients towards transformative shifts in behaviors, thoughts, and self-perceptions within the relationship cycle.

Advantages of Couples Therapy:

1. Enhanced Intimacy and Connection: Couples therapy offers the opportunity to enrich your sexual relationship, fostering a deeper emotional connection with your partner. By addressing issues hindering intimacy, you can experience a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

2. Conflict Resolution Skills: Couples therapy equips you with effective strategies for resolving conflicts, whether they are solvable or perpetual. These techniques enable you and your partner to find common ground, understand each other’s perspectives, and navigate disagreements constructively.

3. Trust Restoration: In instances where trust has been compromised due to various forms of betrayal, such as emotional or financial infidelity, couples therapy provides specialized support to rebuild this foundational element. Therapists employ tailored techniques and exercises to facilitate trust restoration.

4. Improved Communication: Couples therapy teaches communication techniques that foster understanding, empathy, and active listening. By enhancing your ability to express yourselves openly and respectfully, you can cultivate healthier communication patterns within your relationship.

5. Strengthened Emotional Bond: Through therapy, couples gain insight into each other’s needs, desires, and vulnerabilities, fostering a deeper emotional connection and a sense of safety within the relationship.

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Benefits of Individual Counseling, Either Independently or Complementing Couples Therapy:

1. Breaking Generational Patterns: Individual counseling offers insight into relationship dynamics and patterns, empowering individuals to make informed choices for healthier connections. By exploring past experiences and behaviors, clients gain awareness to break generational patterns.

2. Enhanced Self-Esteem: Individual counseling addresses negative self-perceptions and cultivates self-acceptance, leading to improved self-esteem and confidence. Through self-exploration and support, clients develop a stronger sense of self-worth.

3. Emotional Healing: Individual counseling provides a space to address past traumas, fostering emotional healing and closure. This process promotes overall emotional well-being, enabling individuals to move forward with greater peace and positivity.

4. Self-Discovery: Through individual counseling, clients embark on a journey of self-discovery, gaining insight into their values, strengths, and passions. This heightened self-awareness guides them in making aligned choices and living purposefully.

5. Improved Relationships: Individual counseling contributes to building resilient relationships by enhancing interpersonal skills. Clients learn to connect, communicate, and empathize effectively, fostering healthier and more fulfilling relationships based on trust and emotional intimacy.

Take the First Step:

Now is the moment to place your relationship at the forefront and dedicate attention to both its vitality and your emotional well-being. At Ascension Counseling, our team practice provides a welcoming, non-judgmental space where you can delve into your worries and uncover strategies to fortify your bond. Our therapists will lead you through evidence-backed methods, equipping you with the resources necessary to surmount challenges and foster a fulfilling, secure, and harmonious relationship. For those interested, we offer extended 90-minute couples sessions to support your investment in this journey.

Begin Your Journey to a Thriving Relationship:

Release the weight of relationship struggles and embark on the path to healing and rejuvenating your partnership. Initiate the journey today by completing our contact form to arrange a session with one of our seasoned therapists. Keep in mind, seeking therapy signifies strength and dedication to a brighter, more robust future together.

If you’re prepared to free from troubles in your relationship and personal life, we’re here and prepared to assist you every step of the way.

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