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    Do you struggle with traumatic memories that still impact your life even when you’re physically healthy? Maybe you’ve repressed trauma rooted in your childhood, or you were in a major accident and now have trouble sleeping due to reoccurring nightmares. You’re not alone. At Ascension Counseling, we treat many individuals with similar challenges, and we’re here to provide support for you, too. An EMDR therapist from our esteemed practice in Beachwood, Ohio, can help you process your trauma in a healthy manner and develop productive coping skills for living a fulfilling and complete life.

    What Is EMDR Therapy?

    EMDR stands for “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing”. This evidence-based psychotherapy approach involves using bilateral stimulation to help individuals process traumatic memories and get on the road to healing. An EMDR therapist generally uses an eight-phase treatment approach that goes like this:

    1. History taking, to identify target memories
    2. Treatment planning, to plot a course for treatment
    3. Desensitization, to work through emotional distress
    4. Installation, to instill positive feelings in place of negative ones
    5. Body scan, to uncover any remaining physical tension or discomfort
    6. Closure, to ensure that you are in a stable state of mind.
    7. Reevaluation, to revisit your progress and address any remaining concerns
    8. Integration, to incorporate what you’ve learned into your daily life

    If you’re ready to embark on a journey of healing with a trained EMDR therapist, reach out to Ascension Counseling today to get started. We provide support and guidance for residents of Beachwood and surrounding communities.