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  • Ms. Amini Dais, MFT, EMDR and Gottman Level 1 Trained

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    My ideal clients are seeking guidance with navigating life issues, and I want to work with individuals, couples, and families to help them understand how early life experiences may impact their current decisions and relationships. I love working with families, and couples to help them understand, repair, and create new healthy dynamics.

    I am a Gottman Level 1 Trained therapist. This helps couples gain practical skills building intimacy, communicating and resolving conflict. I have Mental health First-Aid Youth training that allows me to connect and work with children and young adults to help them process their experiences and create healthy ways to navigate through lives challenges and change their behavior. My goal is to walk alongside clients as they become better equipped to cope with life and relationship challenges in a positive manner.

    I love working with a diverse group of clients. I exercise empathy and compassion by offering acceptance and listening ear. I also use Emotionally Focused Therapy to help couples with attachment issues, and negative interaction patterns and Solution-Focused Therapy to help separate the person from the problem, and implement goals for healthy living.