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  • Mr. Eric Dowery Jr., LPC

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    Are you eager for positive change in your life? Are you ready to be intentional about making change happen? You may feel tired of dealing with the same struggles and negative patterns and want better for yourself. Oftentimes, exploring your past is the key to unlocking your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and even how you interact with others in the world. My ideal client is willing to learn and try new things in order to promote positive changes in their life. I love working collaboratively with individuals to help find solutions that will increase their life fulfillment.

    My primary focus is on anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, and anger management. I use a trauma-informed approach. I believe that thoughts have a huge impact on emotions and behaviors. I utilize CBT along with other techniques to identify negative thoughts, work to reframe them in order to change emotions and alter behaviors.

    I provide a safe, judgment free space which allows clients to feel comfortable being themselves and expressing their thoughts and feelings. I enjoy working with adults, adolescents, and families. My office hours are Saturday 10am-3pm and Monday-Thursday 6pm-8pm.