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  • Ms. Amber Sanda, MFT, EMDR & Gottman Level 1 Trained

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    In today’s society, we all come in different shape, sizes, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. We all have unique personalities, goals, and aspirations. There is no “one” right path to being the best you. I come from a multicultural home with two different cultural views and experiences. I was taught and believe that being the best version of our selves takes work. I want to aid you along that journey of self-discovery and becoming the best version of self. I graduated from Cleveland State university with a degree in Psychology and Religion. I completed my master’s degree in Marriage and family therapy at Capella University.

    I am always seeking knowledge on methods and approaches that aid in the development of the family dynamic and individual experience. I have an understanding that based on culture and religious upbring, a person may practice different religious beliefs, but the goal of bettering one’s self is universal. I strive daily to diversify my cultural understanding.

    When asked what is important to me, my response is, and always will be, family and individual growth. If we as individuals learn how to be the best version of ourselves, we are able to put in healthy work to have better relationships and set the healthy boundaries needed. If you are ready to make the changes and put the work in, let us see how I can help.