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    Are you unable to find an empathic, culturally sensitive and aware, collaborative AAMFT-approved or Ohio licensed marriage and family therapy supervisor for your internship or post-licensure hours? Is it hard to find a supervisor with whom you feel you can relate?Is it difficult to find a licensed marriage and family therapist supervisor who is knowledge about Emotionally Focused Therapy and/or EMDR? If I could just find a LIMFT-S in Ohio or AAMFT approved supervisor near me who specializes in using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy as theory and supervising diverse clients and supervisees. Oftentimes, supervisees settle for whoever is nearest to them and often do not feel competent in their MFT model. 

    Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisors and AAMFT Approved Supervisors are Rare

    There are very few marriage and family therapist supervisors in Ohio. In fact, there are only ### of them in Ohio as of 2020. In the past clinicians have not pursued initial and/or full licensure as a marriage and family therapist because they could not find an appropriate supervisor. Others have gotten supervision from a non-systems-based clinician or a clinician who forced them to use a theory that was not systemic. This can often lead to frustration and burnout due to not practicing in a way that resonates with the MFT intern or LMFT. Other clinicians may have even experienced microaggressions or had their clients experience some sort of insensitivity from a well meaning supervisor who was not culturally aware or competent. However, the good news is that an empathetic, competent, qualified, collaborative and culturally aware Ohio or Michigan LMFT supervisor and AAMFT approved supervisor candidate exists and is ready to support you and to help you graduate and reach full licensure status. 

    I use a collaborative approach when it comes to supervision my supervisees can expect to be treated with dignity empathy and respect I place a high value on utilizing cultural competence and awareness when providing supervision and I also eight clinicians in integrating the cultural context of each client’s unique situation within the therapeutic process. I specialize in aiding trainees and clinicians an using EMDR therapy an emotionally focused couples and individual therapy with clients as well as all MFT systems based approaches. supervision with me is the way to go if you are committed to gaining competence in using MFT systems theory when providing both relational and couple or family counseling. 

    I know it can be hard to find a collaborative empathetic competent and culturally aware state licensed marriage and family therapist supervisor and AAMFT approved supervisor candidate as they are rare. however I am here to help you can expect you can expect to have the chance to have both individual and group supervision experiences with me we will make sure to address any counter transference issues that may be hindering you from providing the very best therapeutic services to your clients. We will also make sure to discuss and implement any strategies needed to keep clients who are vulnerable safe. As well as address any other ethical concerns. 

    I have been licensed for almost 9 years, a LMFT supervisor for 5 years and have worked in behavioral health for over 10 years. I am also a AAMFT supervisor candidate and will be a AAMFT Approved Supervisor by December 2021. I have been supervising mft interns in private practice since 2019. I have made sure to keep current with best practices the Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan revised codes and supervisory designations as well as with AAMFT approved supervisor status refresher courses. I believe in integrating cultural sensitivity and awareness and self of the therapist issues into both therapy and supervision. While in my PhD program I also invested in doctoral level supervision courses spanning employing specific supervision interventions and discovering and applying my own supervisory theory of change. I have also invested clinically as a EMDRIA certified therapist, an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and in Emotionally Focused Therapy in addition to investing in AAMFT supervision courses and supervisor status in Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan.  I believe a well trained supervisor can really make the difference when it comes to providing the best care for clients. Both MFT trainees and MFT licensees in Ohio and Michigan completing their post licensure supervision hours report clinical growth and increased clinical competence when receiving supervision from me.  

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Should I seek supervision from any licensed supervisor at a mental health agency? 

    Remember, like licenses must supervisor like licenses in order for a clinician to gain independent licensure as a LMFT. Seeking supervision from a culturally sensitive AAMFT approved supervisor licensed in Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan can help you to obtain independent licenses as a LMFT in multiples states covering various clinical specialty including MFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy and EMDR all at the same time. This will enable you to practice by yourself in private practice, in hospital settings, community mental health settings as well as other places and potentially set you apart from others clinically. 

    How can I afford supervision? 

    I am committed to helping LMFT interns and LMFT seeking independent licensure who are committed to serving underserved clients and BIPOC clients and who are competent clinicians in getting their start in the field. This is why my supervision rates are competitive with other doctoral and dual licensure supervisors in the field. The AAMFT and the state of Ohio counts individual supervision as individual supervision if two supervisees are present. If you or I find a buddy who can share an hour with you, you may split the cost of the individual supervision hour between you both! Also, you may maximize the amount of group supervision you may accrue in order to save money as it is cheaper per hour. You may also subscribe for automatic payment arrangements through our credit card processor Stripe. Please note that hours logs will be signed as supervision sessions are paid. 

    How do I benefit from seeking supervision from a supervisor licensed in multiple states? 

    In a world where COVID-19 has changed the landscape of mental health into the broad usage of telehealth and where clients are moving for better housing and occupational opportunities clinicians have found it advantageous to be licensed in multiple states. There are a couples of ways to gain licensure in multiple states: as an associate clinician or as a fully licensed/independently licensed clinician. If you have a supervisor who is licensed in a state where you wish to move you don’t have to wait to be fully licensed in order to obtain licensure and practice. 

    Contact me to register as a supervisee

    Clinicians may set up an initial individual supervision session with Dr. Noelle Chappelle, LIMFT-S, LPC, AAMFT Approved supervisor candidate, by setting up an appointment by calling (833)713-5683 or (833)713-LOVE.