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  • Online Therapy

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    Are you stuck inside during a pandemic, flu season or have a contagious illness and finding things difficult to cope with or just dont want to spread or receive germs? Are you a parent with little childcare support and need some time alone to practice self-care and to talk? Do you work from home and want to engage in therapy and self-care during your lunch hour? Do you live outside of Cleveland or another major Ohio City and find it difficult or too big of a hassle to drive to a therapists office, especially an African American therapist? Are you extremely busy and just looking for ways to decrease travel time and stress as well as save money? 

    If you answered yes’ to any of these questions then online therapy may be the best option for you. Online therapy is delivered via secure HIPAA compliant platforms that offer clear sound and video, screen sharing, group conference calls for couples not in the same location, and even the ability to continue with the processing of EMDR or trauma therapy. Online therapy is also covered by all insurance companies at this time. In fact, it is now recommended as best practice. 

    Finding a therapist can be difficult, especially one who understands you and doesnt judge you. Finding a therapist you connect with, no matter where you both are sitting, can seem even more daunting. We get it and we are here to prove to you that a safe, non-judgmental place where you are validated and understood with a therapist who is practicing presence is available to you all from the comfort of your own home. 

    You may be wondering if online therapy is really the answer for you? 

    Online therapy has been shown to be as effective as traditional talk therapy in an office. Online therapy could be the answer for you if you want to stay away from other people due to fear of contracting an illness. You can simply step away into another room or part of the house and receive empathetic non-judgmental care while in a comfortable and familiar environment that you create. 

    You may be wondering if you are savvy enough to meet with your therapist online?

    Setting up an appointment for online therapy with your therapist or counselor is easy. At Ascension Counseling & Therapy Services we use a HIPAA compliant version of Google Meet with Zoom as a back-up. All you have to do is download the Google Meet application on your smartphone, tablet or laptop from the App or Google Play Store. If you are doing online therapy for couples we suggest using a laptop. Then simply click the join meeting link in an email. In addition, your therapist will send you instructions and typically call you to help you set up before your first session. It is easy as 1-2-3 to receive online therapy. 

    You may even be wondering if you will have the same great experience that you usually have in your therapist’s office? 

    Many mental health professionals and clients report their online therapy experiences to be just as satisfying as meeting in person. Your therapist will ensure the therapeutic setting is comfortable, quiet and confidential. They will maintain a professional demeanor, aesthetic and environment. They may even lead you in a grounding activity as soon as you enter the virtual therapy room. Your therapist will make sure that you begin and end each session with safety and that you have complete confidentiality. Couples therapy sessions are often conducted online and couples who ensure they have privacy during their online therapy sessions report their sessions to be rather serene and to be even more in tune with one another. In addition, EMDR therapy for trauma, anxiety, panic, phobias, depression and uncomfortable memories can be completed online from the beginning to the end of the protocol. This is very important because EMDR Therapy can decrease the difficult or negative feelings people have around certain traumatic events or disturbing and uncomfortable memories.

    Start your journey toward a better relationship and a better life today!