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  • Anxiety Across Ages: Tailoring Therapeutic Approaches to Children, Teens, and Adults

    Anxiety manifests in various forms across different stages of life, impacting children, teens, and adults in unique ways. Because of this, treating it is not always cut and dry. A reputable mental health practice should understand these nuances and tailor their therapeutic interventions based on age, cultural background, and other individual needs. Read on to learn how therapy for anxiety might differ for a child or adolescent patient vs. for an adult.

    Child & Adolescent Therapy vs. Adult Therapy

    Childhood and adolescent therapy requires a specialized approach, as younger individuals often lack the verbal capacity to express their emotions fully. Anxiety therapists working with children and teens often utilize play therapy, art therapy, and other creative methods. These approaches enable younger individuals to express their emotions and concerns indirectly, fostering a safe space for self-discovery and healing. Additionally, child and adolescent therapists may involve parents or guardians in sessions.

    On the other hand, adults can articulate their emotions and thought patterns more effectively, allowing therapists to employ traditional talk therapy and various evidence-based approaches to address anxiety, depression, and other conditions.

    Tailored Counseling for Residents of Northeast Ohio

    At Ascension Counseling, we offer tailored therapeutic approaches to treat patients of all ages throughout Northeast Ohio. We specialize in EMDR Therapy and often treat individuals and couples of color who are dealing with stress, depression, trauma, or issues with their relationship. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact us today. Your journey toward improved mental health and well-being begins here.