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  • Ms. Bernadette, Harris-Brodi, MFT

    It is time to replace unhealthy self-defeating thoughts with healthy, empowering ways to turn the page and rewrite your story to “A Lifestyle of PEACE”.  There is hope when anxiety has ruined your  relationships, robbed you of sleep, joy, an appetite, and triggers isolation, depression, mindless-time-wasting-game/ movie-bingeing and other self-defeating habits and addictions. Anxiety is the absence of peace. It is often associated with loss, the fear of loss, trauma, and/or  feeling out of control in getting your desired goals and outcomes, or preventing future loss of things, opportunities and people. I’ve helped those who want to maximize their peace, to reduce their anxiety. You too, may find inner peace, learn tools to self-regulate your emotions and reduce your anxiety by accepting what is beyond your control integrating your spiritual values if desired.

    Find your path of “Contagious Inner-Peace and Joy” that subdues the external chaos, with a plan for calmer minds to prevail in a commitment to a peaceful, joyous lifestyle. You’re not alone. I’m here to help. Together, we can explore ways to manage your emotions, gain confidence, effective ways of self-expression, communication and coping skills. These are some of the tools to process  conflicts internally, and with others, to find more inner peace, to share and to be at peace in facing and resolving internal conflicts from trauma, loss, rejection, and depression.