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Melissa Bagnato, LPCC, LMFT

I know life can be difficult at times. I want to help you find a sense of peace and well being. I enjoy treating couples/families that are dealing with conflict and/or trust and communication issues. I also assist women that are experiencing emotional/self esteem issues and/or have experienced past trauma. I use a combination of emotional support, understanding, and empathy to assist with inner turmoil and relationship repairs. I hope to assist clients with finding a healthy balance between self-care/love and relationship health.

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Erika Graham, LPC

I have a great passion for working with adolescents and adults who may be experiencing emotional difficulties. I enjoy exposing clients to new coping skills and developing more healthy ways to deal with distress. Currently, I am providing individual counseling services ONLINE ONLY to address depression, anxiety, grief, self-harm, and racial identity. My goal is to assist clients in gaining a deeper understanding of oneself, using Mindfulness, Strength-based and Culturally sensitive approaches.

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Dr. Symphonie Smith, LMFT, LPC

Why are your relationships KEY? Answer: There is no problem (i.e. depression, anxiety, self esteem, anger, etc.) in existence that doesn’t impact, or isn’t impacted by the people around you! Therefore, relationships are my priority, beginning with the most important relationship of all- the one you have with yourself. Understanding yourself is ALWAYS the first step to ironing out struggles in your life. My goal is to help you resolve problems by first increasing personal awareness which leads to growth and empowerment for a healthy mental state and strong relationships.

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Christina Harris, LPC

My ideal client knows what they want and is ready and determined to get it. The client works hard and wants to better their self mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The client wants to make a change and become the best version of who they are purposed to be. The client is tired of doing life dealing with the same struggles and wants better for family and self by willingly doing the work to become whole and healthy. I love working collaboratively with individuals to help find solutions that will increase their life fulfillment. I provide a safe, judgement free zone that allows clients to be themselves and feel free to express their innermost feelings.

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Kiera Graham, LMFT, LPC

Helping individuals and couples suffering from sadness or stress as a result of life stressors or relationship distress meet their goals of becoming healthier and more connected brings me so much joy. I use a kind but direct approach to aid clients to recognize distorted thinking, increase communication and conflict resolution skills, and efficiently and effectively meet both their personal and relationship goals. This helps clients to feel confident in themselves and proud of their inner and interpersonal growth.

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Hailee Childs, LMFT

My ideal client is someone who is open to self-exploration and change. Someone who is tired of feeling stuck and is ready to break the cycle. I enjoy treating couples and women who are dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship/life transitions including child birth and all that comes along with being in the perinatal period including relational changes, loss and trauma.

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Rhonda Tyus, MFT Trainee

My name is Rhonda Tyus, and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist intern here at Ascension Counseling & Therapy Services. As a mother and wife, I can appreciate firsthand both the importance and the challenges of building strong relationships while balancing life's demands. I work with couples, children, and individuals in all of their uniqueness. I am a graduate student in the Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy program at Capella University and a member of two honors societies for Marriage and Family Therapy.

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Dr. Noelle Chappelle, LIMFT-S, LPC, EMDRIA Certified Therapist

My ideal client, whether working with couples or individuals, works and plays hard and loves to learn. I enjoy treating couples and women who are dealing with relationship/life transitions, loss and rejection. Healthy boundaries, an emphasis on self-care, along with an understanding of how family of origin and past experiences may impact one's life and relationships are crucial to the development and success of the clients I work with. This helps clients to realize the full potential of their relationships and facilitates change in their inner lives. I also model proper boundaries in the client-therapist relationship.

As a doctoral level clinician, I have been rigorously trained in individual/couple systems and believe it is crucial to target both behaviors/thoughts and values/family of origin issues. I use a trauma-informed approach as well as attachment theory, and mindfulness principles when conducting therapy. I use sand tray and art therapy interventions for minors. I utilize EMDR for adults and children who have experienced trauma or distressing events.

I appreciate and honor diversity in all aspects and love working with clients from all sorts of backgrounds, including those who aren't religious/spiritual. However, I'm open to applying biblical principles in therapy by request.


Mon/Tues/Thurs 9am-2pm and 4:30-6:30pm, Fri 10am-5:30pm and Saturday 9am-3pm.
If you would like to schedule an intake assessment contact me @ (216)714-3278 or (216)71HEART or click this link for self-service at anytime.

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